This page includes information about the Carrier Wrap and
a brief summary of supporting research data.
Human Touch and Movement:
People naturally rock their children
when they want to calm them down
or reassure them.  In terms of what
babies need most to naturally
develop and to feel secure -
nothing beats loving human touch
and movement.  Many researches
have proven that frequently carried
or “worn” babies cry less and are
more independent at an earlier

Why it is good for Baby and
It is proven that carrying your baby
adds to their motoric, emotional
and cognitive development.  Well-
known pediatricians, chiropractors
and orthopedic specialists
recommend this carrier for the
following reasons:  Firstly, the
weight of the baby is evenly
distributed over the caregiver’s
back and shoulders and thus
supportive to the low back and
posture; the baby is able to
assume a variety of positions that
are natural to its age and
development; it allows the baby to
be a part of the mother's daily
activities; it prevents or minimizes
colic and crying in young babies;
carried babies spend more time in
the 'quiet alert' state, which is the
optimum state for learning; the
mother’s movements help stimulate
the skin receptors and also the
internal systems that are related to
the development of balance and
movement; and the intensive
contact with the mother or father
gives a feeling of security and well-
being that assists in the overall
development of the child.

Eileen McGowan O.T.
About the Carrier Wrap:

The Truly Be Carrier Wrap is made of top quality soft 100% cotton
fabric that is designed to give the right amount of stretch to make it
easy to wear and to also give the baby a snug, comfortable feeling.  
Because it is distributed evenly over the wearer's torso and onto the
hips it provides maximum ergonomic support to the wearer's back
(which is not a small consideration when you are carrying so many
extra pounds).  The design of the carrier is a long wrap which wraps
around the upper part of the body and is easily adjusted to
accommodate a variety of positions for newborns up to toddlers.  It is
easy to put on and feels very natural since it doesn't have any hard
or cumbersome parts.  The fabric is at its widest in the middle and
then tapers towards the ends where it is tied.  One size fits all with
this carrier and if you are smaller you just wrap it around more times.  
Mothers who have used other carriers or slings are always
immediately amazed by its comfort.  In the middle of the carrier there
is a nice decorative pocket that functions both as a beautiful pocket
as well as something to mark the middle of the wrap which is helpful
when donning it.  It comes with an easy to use colorful instruction