Versatile Carrying Positions

Truly Be has 4 different carrying positions which enhance the various stages and
needs of your baby, from the newborn stage up through toddlerhood.

1.  The Cradle Position – This is a horizontal position which is
ideal for breastfeeding and sleepy newborns.  (Suitable for
newborns up to 4 months of age.  The baby in these two pictures
is four months old.)

2.  Close to the Heart Position – This vertical
chest-to-chest position is wonderful for bonding,
settling babies, and relieving any uncomfortable
symptoms.  Smaller babies can have their heads
covered and supported as well as having their
legs tucked in. (Suitable for newborns up to 18

3.  “Carry Me” Position – This is a version of “Close to the
Heart” that allows older babies to be carried and have their
upper body free from the straps.  If they fall asleep, their
head and arms can be tucked back under the straps.  
(Suitable for 4 months up to 3 years of age.  The baby in this
picture is 1 year old.)

4.  See the World Position – This vertical position is used
when baby is awake and wants to see the world.  (Suitable
for 4 to 12 months.)