How Truly Be came to be:  

As a mother and Pediatric Occupational Therapist
who specialized in sensory integration, I knew
the importance of holding, rocking and moving my
newborn baby.  After the first two weeks of
carrying her most of the time in my arms, my
body (especially my already weakened low back)
felt the reality of carrying 9 extra pounds.  
Time to investigate slings!  I tried them all –
since I was determined to carry my baby.  My
low back continued to cry out until I discovered a
wrap-around method which has been used by
women for centuries.  The relief and pleasure I
felt was amazing!  And to have my hands free
was an incredible bonus!  I simply couldn’t believe
how comfortable it was and the enhancement
that it added to the bonding process.   So…  
after that I wanted all mothers to know how
great it is.  My daughter is now four years old
and people often comment about how she seems
like such a calm and focused child.  I believe
that one of the reasons for her well being is
that she was a babe in arms.

Eileen McGowan O.T.