Truly Be -
    close to the heart
7 Reasons for Choosing a
Truly Be Carrier:

  • Keeps baby close to you in a
    most natural way - allowing
    baby to Truly Be...
  • Enables a variety of
    positions that are good for
    walking, nursing, putting
    baby to sleep and more.
  • Fits babies from birth to
    three years of age.
  • Is ergonomically designed so
    that the weight of the baby
    is evenly distributed over
    both of the caregiver's
    shoulders / torso and onto
    the hips so is extremely
    comfortable - especially for
    long periods.
  • Prevents or minimizes colic
    and crying in young babies.  
  • Carried babies spend more
    time in the 'quiet alert'
    state, which is the optimum
    state for learning.
  • Made of 100% cotton and
    comes in various colors with
    a beautiful cloth bag and
    easy to use instructions.  
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